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Java ME Technology Developer Tools

Get access to Sun's award winning application development tools for the Java ME platform. The tools enable you to create, debug, run, and deploy your application in a robust integrated development environment. Sun provides the following tools:


NetBeans Mobility Pack and NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC

  • Java ME technology code completion
  • Drag and drop objects to quickly prototype and rapidly develop applications
  • End-to-End web services application support
  • Single source code management for application porting
  • Integration with Sun's emulation toolkits
  • Support for third party SDKs
  • Application deployment
  • GUI designer for mobile Swing applications
  • Generic and custom application packaging and deployment options
A good general starting point for tools.

Emulation Environment/SDK

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC and Sun Java Toolkit for CDC

  • Emulates the Java ME platform that in a device-like environment
  • Provides access to the latest Java ME technology APIs before they're available on devices
  • Monitors application performance and debug application behavior
  • Utilities that provide additional resource management for the different services enabled by the technology
  • Operates standalone to allow for choice of IDE, or integrates directly into NetBeans Mobility Pack.
A good starting point for SDKs

Use the following links to get started with the tools:

Wireless Development Tutorial - Part I

Wireless Development Tutorial - Part II

CLDC/MIDP Developer Quick Start Guide

CDC/PBP Developer Quick Start Guide

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