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phoneME UI (User Interface) Labs

There is an increasing demand for the next generation of user interface design on today's mobile devices. Customers demand a user interface that is visually appealing, animated, and highly interactive. Developers need a user interface that is easy to work with, can adapt to devices with varying resolutions, and can allow easy collaboration between graphical content developers and code developers.

A new breed of user interface created with vector graphics delivers a solution to address these needs and is becoming the technology of choice for scalable image and animation on mobile devices.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a W3C Vector Graphics standard, which is already supported by the Java ME platform in the form of the Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API (JSR 226).

This phoneME UI Labs site is your one-stop resource for learning and working with these new UI technologies. We will be expanding the content in this online lab over time, so please check back for new content and demos.

If you have suggestions or requests, please contact Terrence Barr. Also, refer to the ME Application Developer Interest forum for an active discussion about developing applications for the Java ME platform.

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