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Mobile Ajax for Java ME

Mobile Ajax for Java ME


This project is licensed under BSD.


If you have suggestions or requests related to Mobile Ajax for Java ME, please contact Terrence Barr.

Akhil Arora and Vincent Hardy gave a talk at JavaOne 2007 on the topic of Mobile Ajax for Java ME. The slides as well as the entire multimedia presentation are availabe at the Sun Developer Network (registration is free).

Also, refer to the ME Application Developer Interest forum for an active discussion about developing applications for the Java ME platform.

Finally, to learn more about JSON and Java ME check out this SDN (Sun Developer Network) article: Using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in Java ME for Data Interchange.

A streaming Atom implementation for Java ME

This project contains an implementation of the Atom Feed Format for Java ME. It is designed as a streaming API with limits to prevent large feeds from overwhelming resource-constrained devices. Also included is limited support for the Atom Publication Protocol and RSS.

A JSON parser for Java ME

This project contains a JSON parser for Java ME. This is a port of the org.json Java library found at to Java ME. It is hosted here with permission.

An Expression Language for Java ME

This project contains an evaluator for a very small expression language to extract primitive types from structured information. This implementation is layered over the library.

This expression language allows applications to extract information from structured data returned by web services with minimal effort.

The expression language works a lot like a very small subset of XPath - the expression syntax uses the dot character for sub-elements and square brackets for arrays. Some sample expressions are, for example - "[1].title", "[0].location", "[1].status.text", etc

Asynchronous I/O for Java ME

This library provides the equivalent of XmlHttpRequest for Java ME with some additional functionality useful for invoking RESTful web services.

It is layered on top of the library. Features include -

  • Asynchronous versions of HTTP Get and Post
  • HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Multipart MIME (sender only)
  • Progress listeners

Sample GPS app for Java ME


This project contains a sample midlet that retrieves its GPS coordinates from an external GPS receiver via Bluetooth. The coordinates are then used to retrieve a map image centered at the coordinates from Yahoo's map image API.

Sample Java ME client for Flickr


This project contains a a sample midlet that uses Flickr APIs to browse "interesting" photos and upload photos taken from a phone's camera to a user's Flickr account.

Sample Java ME client for local business search


This project contains a sample midlet that uses Yahoo's Local Search and Map APIs to search for businesses near a specified location and can map their locations or place a call to those businesses.

Sample Blog reader and publisher for Java ME


This project contains a sample blog reader and publisher for Java ME. It uses the atom library to parse feeds and publish feed entries. A configuration for camera phones shows how photos could be published to a blog directly from a phone's camera.

Sample Java ME client for


This project contains a sample client for It uses the public twitter API. This is an example of how a Web 2.0 RESTful web service could be invoked from Java ME.

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