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Perst Lite Object-Oriented Embedded Database with ProScout Example MIDlet

Perst Lite Object-Oriented Embedded Database with ProScout Example MIDlet


This project is licensed under GPLv2.

Introduction to Perst Lite and ProScout Example MIDlet

Perst Lite is an open source, object-oriented embedded database system for Java ME-based mobile devices. ProScout is a sample MIDlet incorporating Perst Lite that has been tested in the phoneME, Nokia S40 and S60, and Blackberry environments. ProScout is intended to help a sports recruiter perform information gathering and retrieval tasks -- taking notes on a prospect, recalling player and team statistics, etc. -- discreetly on a mobile device.

The ProScout example MIDlet is offered here with complete source code (see below)

Documentation and Binary Files

Inside the ProScout repository there are two documentation files:

  • GettingStarted describes steps to launch ProScout from within PhoneME and within the Sun Wireless Toolkit
  • PerstLiteFeatures provides commentary on the source code to explain the role of Perst Lite

The ready-to-run MIDlet files can be accessed here: jad and jar.

Perst Lite (for Java ME) is included with the Perst for Java object-oriented, open source database system provided by McObject.

Screen Shots

Splash screen

  Inital menu

Browsing players

  Browsing teams

Where To Go From Here + Sources

The complete sources of the ProScout application can be found in the Demo Box repository by clicking on the source image below. Check the GettingStarted for instructions on how to run ProScout on WTK, phoneME, and the Nokia Developer Suite.

ProScout Example

Additional Perst and Perst Lite resources


Refer to the ME Application Developer Interest forum for an active discussion about developing applications for the Java ME platform. Please also post questions about the Perst database and the ProScout example MIDlet to that forum.

If you have further suggestions or requests related to Perst or ProScout, please contact Perst support or visit the Perst support forum.

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