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Application Developers Project: How to Participate


Do you have cool code, useful information, or tips to share?

Want to develop applications or content in our project?

The ME Application Developer Project focuses on helping application developers leverage the Mobile & Embedded community by bringing together applications, content, expertise, tools, and platforms across the entire mobile and embedded ecosystem. This will allow you to develop better, more robust applications, faster.

To that end we are looking for applications and content, including, but not limited to:

  • Example code or documentation that demonstrates good design, using particular functionality, creating portable applications, or avoiding pitfalls
  • Tests or applications that verify the availability or correctness of features or test the performance of such features
  • Content that exercises embedded engines or APIs
  • New and cool stuff that pushes the envelope
  • Entire applications that provide new or useful functionality that showcase the value of the Java ME platform


You must be the owner of any code or content you submit. All submissions must be well documented..

How to Participate

  • You can monitor the ME Application Developer Interest forum and answer questions or post information.
  • You can submit bundle (binary and/or source) of your application or content via email by filling in the submission template below and sending it to The owner will reply to you with further instructions.
  • You can join one or more of our sub-projects (see left navigation bar) and contribute expertise, code, or content.
  • Or, if your project requires a separate project presence and structure, you can create a project and link it with our community. To create a new project in the Mobile & Embedded community, you must follow the process for creating a new project. The community leader will get in touch with you with further instructions.
  • Small code snippets can simply be posted to the appropriate forums or mailing lists.
For more information, send email to

Submission Template:

  • Name of submitter, ID
  • Short description of submission
  • Statement or ownership
  • License used
  • Platforms or APIs required, if any
  • More detailed description (one or two paragraphs)

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