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Vodafone Betavine Web API for Java ME

Vodafone Betavine Web API for Java ME


This project is licensed under BSD.

Introduction to Vodafone Betavine

Betavine is an open community & resource website, created and managed by Vodafone Group R&D, whose mission is to support the wider development community in stimulating ideas, developing, testing and launching great new applications for mobile and Internet communications.

Introduction to the Betavine Web API Sample Client

This page demonstates combining the Vodafone Betavine Web API and the open source Mobile Ajax JSON library to leverage advanced network functionality from Java ME applications.

The WebAPISample MIDlet suite contains a WebApiClient application which accesses and executes the Betavine Web API functionality as well as a PushClient application which receives SMS push messages triggered by the Web API. The MIDlet suite is provided as a NetBeans project with all required sources.

The Web API functionality is used under Vodafone Betavine Web API Terms of Use.

The Mobile Ajax library is part of the ME Application Developers Mobile Ajax project.

The ready-to-run application jad and jar files can be installed from the Betavine WebAPISample application home page. For further information please refer to the WebAPISample README file.


  1. Start WebApiClient. The initial screen is the entire UI (screen shot #1)
  2. Select the Web API Function (SMS, WAP push, SMS trigger)
  3. Select the Return Type (Plain text, JSON, XML)
  4. Supply a valid UAID or Developer Key
  5. If desired, modify the Destination, Message, or URL fields
  6. Press the "Execute" button
  7. The application connects to the network and executes the Web API call
  8. The result of the call is displayed on the screen (screen shot #2)
  9. If the SMS trigger functionality was chosen the PushClient application will be launched upon receipt of the push message

First screen with input fields

  Result screen

Where To Go From Here + Sources

The complete sources of the can be found as a NetBeans project in the Demo Box repository:


Check them out with subversion, open the top level of the sources in NetBeans (with Mobility Pack installed) and simply click the "Run" button to build and run the application and play with it.

Note: If NetBeans prompts you to "Resolve Conflicts" then you need to tell NetBeans the location of the Mobile Ajax libraries which are needed by both the original as well as the reworked Local Business Search applications.


Refer to the ME Application Developer Interest forum for an active discussion about developing applications for the Java ME platform. Please also post questions about the Betavine Web API to that forum.

If you have suggestions or requests related to Vodafone Betavine Web API for Java ME, please contact Terrence Barr.

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